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About EFFC / Guidance documents

The use of on-line bidding for foundation contracts
EFFC believes that online bidding is not usually a suitable procurement method for foundation contracts. It strongly recommends that anyone considering the use of online bidding takes into account the advice contained in this document.

EFFC Guide to risk management
The EFFC Guide to Risk Management provides guidance and advice to Members on the identification and management of risks when carrying out geotechnical works. This Guide is intended as an internal document to Members, however many of the entries in the risk register (downloadable in this section in a number of languages) should be communicated to the project team as part of the Project Risk Register.

Code of conduct
Ethics cannot be enforced. A high ethical standard is a target to be aspired to and worked towards. Here EFFC sets out key values and standards of behaviour in connection with its customers, employees and the environment.

Special conditions for specialist foundation works
EFFC has developed standard conditions to cover the special facilities required for foundation work. These eliminate the need to negotiate terms for each contract – saving time and money for both the foundation contractor and the client.

Dispute resolution
EFFC’s guide to dispute resolution across Europe

JV contract
The European Joint Venture Agreement comprises a standard suite of documents for use where two or more enterprises wish to associate themselves in a Joint Venture.