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In the mix (25/1/05)
Two European firms have joined forces to develop a new soil mixing technique for deep cut-off and retaining walls.
Madrid’s underground art scene (24/1/05)
Hydraulically controlled reactive jacks stopped ground movements resulting from a 20m deep basement constructed at Spain’s Prado Musuem
Monitoring in the digital age (24/1/05)
Has Keynetix hit upon the elusive Internet "killer-application" with its new web-based geotechnical monitoring system?
Underream inspections (21/1/05)
Developments in remote inspection systems put underreamed piles back on designers’ agenda
Reuse of foundations (21/1/05)
The Re-use of Foundations for Urban Sites (RuFUS) is a European Union funded research project to develop guidelines that will allow foundations to be reused more often
Two minute pile (17/1/05)
A novel Dutch displacement, cast-in-place piling system proved economical, reliable and very quick during construction of an 8.5m-high piled embankment near Rotterdam.
For peat’s sake (19/11/04)
UK contractor Pennine has developed a vibro ground improvement method for peat and estuarine clays
Sweden’s best kept secret (19/8/04)
The Swedish method of dry soil mixing has been commonplace in its country of origin for decades – but could the method become Sweden’s next big export?
Tight squeeze (19/7/04)
High land values makes jet grouting an attractive option for underpinning and basement construction
Retaining slurry (3/6/04)
Keller’s novel and innovative watertight retaining wall system is based on slurry walls reinforced with closely spaced steel I-beams