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Breaking point
The Federation of Piling Specialists has produced this useful technical note on breaking down of concrete piles. (This article first appeared in the Spring 2009 issue of European Foundations).

Grid preference
European Foundations describes how a new surface mine being developed by UK Coal in Northumberland has presented a number of geotechnical challenges.

In the mix
Two European firms have joined forces to develop a new soil mixing technique for deep cut-off and retaining walls.

Monitoring in the digital age
Has Keynetix hit upon the elusive Internet "killer-application" with its new web-based geotechnical monitoring system?

Madrid’s underground art scene
Hydraulically controlled reactive jacks stopped ground movements resulting from a 20m deep basement constructed at Spain’s Prado Musuem

Underream inspections
Developments in remote inspection systems put underreamed piles back on designers’ agenda

Reuse of foundations
The Re-use of Foundations for Urban Sites (RuFUS) is a European Union funded research project to develop guidelines that will allow foundations to be reused more often

Two minute pile
A novel Dutch displacement, cast-in-place piling system proved economical, reliable and very quick during construction of an 8.5m-high piled embankment near Rotterdam.

For peat’s sake
UK contractor Pennine has developed a vibro ground improvement method for peat and estuarine clays

Sweden’s best kept secret
The Swedish method of dry soil mixing has been commonplace in its country of origin for decades – but could the method become Sweden’s next big export?

Helical heraldry
Load tests on a new style of threaded bored pile for stiff clays show dramatic increases in load carrying capacity

On the quest for piling’s Holy Grail
Chris Heath provides a UK perspective on the development of displacement piling systems

Stitch in time
The Vibro-Stitcher is geotechnical contractor Bachy Soletanche’s latest weapon in its attack on the ground improvement market. David Hayward reports

Revolution in the hand
Piling contractor Stent has developed a site data recording system to aid self-certification but, as Paul Wheeler reports, its potential reaches far beyond this application

Clear as mud
Polymer drilling fluids could prove to be extremely useful to the foundation industry, but practitioners are treading cautiously, as Paul Wheeler reports

Man on a mission
While bi-directional load tests are almost routine in the US and Far East, they are barely ever used in Europe. One man is on a mission to change this.