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About Foundations

Civil engineers make a major contribution to the economic activity and infrastructure upon which mankind's life ambitions are founded.

And engineering in the ground is one of the more challenging and exciting branches of civil engineering.

The behaviour of materials such as concrete, steel or timber is well understood, which means structural engineers can design the above ground aspects of buildings and structures with great confidence.

But soil and rock, the main materials of foundation and geotechnical engineers, are much less predictable. As a result, ground-related issues are the greatest uncertainty in civil engineering projects.

Good foundation engineering is key to the success of many great civil engineering projects, even high-rise buildings and majestic bridges.

Despite the challenges and excitement offered by a career in foundation engineering, the sector is facing a massive skills shortage across Europe. In particular there is growing concern that the workforce is ageing and there are too few young people entering into construction - at both engineer and site operative level.

The idea behind this website is to provide a showcase on the foundation sector, to highlight the opportunities and hopefully inspire younger generations to pursue them.

More than that, this site is a unique tool for anybody wishing to develop a career in foundation engineering.

Foundation Opportunities contains, at a national level for most European countries, key information on the make up of the foundation sector together training and educational opportunities. It also includes a jobs and work experience noticeboard.

Foundation World is an online magazine bringing latest news on the European foundation sector, highlighting its many fascinating projects and technical innovations.

About EFFC provides information on the objectives and membership of the European Federation of Foundation Contractors, the organisation behind this website.

Launched in October 2003, this site now attracts nearly 5000 unique visitors a month - putting it very much on par with a specialist business print magazine. Please use it and help us build a valuable and accessible resource for the foundation sector.

For useful information and video footage on civil engineering, visit the Institution of Civil Engineer's website. And click here for links to European associations and institutions.

Paul Wheeler