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Pier of the helm
Nuttall is installing marine piles for a new pier in Dover's Eastern Dock - as part of its 27M contract to build the town's first new ferry berths since the Channel Tunnel opened

The opening of the Channel Tunnel followed by the end of duty free sales heralded challenging times for the Port of Dover. But after nearly a decade of uncertainty, things are looking up. With freight traffic at an all time high, Port of Dover is undergoing major expansion under a new 30-year investment and development master plan devised by a team led by consultancy Halcrow.

The first step in this expansion programme is the construction of two roll-on-roll-off berths at the Eastern Docks.

In August last year the Port of Dover awarded Nuttall a 27M design and construct package for berths 8 and 9, which will sit either side of a new 220m-long pier.

Nuttall has appointed Halcrow to conduct the design works. Other key members of the team include Hollandia, which is supplying articulated bridges for loading and unloading vehicles and footpassengers, dredging contractor Van Oord ACZ, and fender supplier Fentek Marine. Pedestrian stair tower buildings for each berth, through which foot passengers will embark and disembark, are subcontracted to GSE Design and Build.

In addition to Nuttall's predominantly marine works, the development includes extensive landside work. Under a separate contract, Alfred McAlpine Civil Engineering is constructing an extension of the elevated roadway system to serve the new ferry berths.

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