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Mark Verspui

Age: 25, planning engineer, Van Oudenallen, Netherlands

This article is also available in: Dutch

Piling in his blood...
The parents of Marc Verspui have their own piling company, G Verspui Piling bv. As a matter of course he entered the piling sector and now he is making the rounds in Van Oudenallen bv in Woerdense Verlaat, to improve his knowledge of the profession.

"I grew up in the piling world", says Marc. "And it always interested me. My parents have their own piling company and have three pile-driving rigs. I have an interest in civil engineering and it is logical that I went in that direction after finishing school. I worked for Van Oudenallen during work practice when I was attending the intermediate technical school and later on I worked here when I was writing my graduation thesis for the higher technical school. I have been employed here on a permanent basis for two years and have filled various positions. I have worked in sales and now I am working in planning".

"I am happy that I got this opportunity, because practical experience is quite different to what you learn at school. It's an asset for Van Oudenallen that I can work anywhere in the company and it is important for me to gain some experience in all of the disciplines. School is a good basis for civil engineering in general, but there is no specialisation in foundation engineering. You only really learn the profession by doing the job. It's possible to take various courses at Van Oudenallen, and I will certainly do so in the future."

Special relationships
Marc Verspui has recognised that the foundation sector is a special world, in which competitors are often more like colleagues and where these "competitive colleagues" do not hold back from occasionally working as subcontractors for each other. Without doubt, relationships between the companies are good. In any case, Mark is happy at Van Oudenallen: "The company allows a degree of flexibility in working times. I prefer to start early, around seven o'clock. And I don't leave until the job is completed."